Sprinker System Installation

Sprinkler Winterization

The weather in Kansas can change quickly. This makes it important to schedule your sprinkler winterization appointment when you receive your winterization reminder postcard from Apex. The temperature and the wind chill can cause damage to your backflow preventer. Any resident on city water has a backflow preventer. This can break when there are freezing temperatures or wind chills. The water left inside them will expand and cause it it crack.

It's important to keep an eye on the weather, but a good rule of thumb is to schedule around October 15th. If cold weather comes quickly, you can always cover your backflow preventer with a trash bag and then with a blanket. We also have backflow covers for sale. Call now while supplies are good!!!

When a sprinkler system is on city water, it is winterized by, the main valve is shut off, water is blown out of the backflow and sprinkler lines with a 150 CFM compressor.

Customers on well water service have an extended watering season and can wait until mid-November to winterize their sprinklers.

The sprinkler system winterization process for those on a well water service is to turn off the power to the well and blow the water out of the sprinkler lines.

Call today before it's too late!

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